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Update: Email Marketing, Repurposing, Outsourcing, Automation

Another busy and motivating week has just gone by and things are looking good. Here is this week’s progress report.

As  Ash Maurya says:

Practice Trumps Theory

One of the main reasons for the entrepreneurship challenge is to get my hands dirty and it is working wonders.

Revamping Network and Mailing Lists

So far 1479 emails of the segmentation project have gone out. The few responses I’m getting are extremely positive and I’ve had my first meeting thanks to it today. I know more about what some people are doing and is super interesting. Computer assisted networking FTW!


Only 10 people have signed up via the interest form to hear back from me, but this blog is getting some more views (nothing crazy though)

On the down side, there are a lot of bad emails (maybe I validated the list too long ago, or the service was not that good), but so far no problems with deliverability. I’ve not dared to let go 1500 emails per day yet, but will probably do next week.

Repurposing: Lead Magnets

I’ve made a list of 44 pieces of content to use as lead magnets and get more relevant emails. You can check the list here. Hurry before I put it behind a form and you have to give me your email 🙂


They are separated by property and can be ordered by priority. Some of the Olympic Pistol documents are set to low priority because they already exist, ugly but available. I will probably improve them with outsourced help.

Outsourcing via Fiverr

I’ve ordered two times the same infographic about the Advantages of Coworking on Fiverr. This is part of the first one I’ve received (still under revision), for which I paid $32.50: teaser-advantages-coworking-handbook

I’ve also ordered close to a hundred Pinterest quotes from my coworking book. I’m curious about using Instagram to drive traffic to my posts and if including Instagram optimized images in my posts will result in more social shares.

Total expense so far is $62.50 including all of Fiverr’s commissions.

I’ve taken advantage of this first test to bookmark a bunch of profiles for the next orders.


I’ve not managed to find the tool to manage all lead magnets and subscriptions in one place. Right now I’m working with a mix of Google Sheets,  automate.ioand Mailchimp.

This week I have created a few new bots with to send the new signups from people that want to hear from me to the relevant Mailchimp list, but I have not turned them on yet. I’m missing running a test with Google Sheets queries.

The lead magnets I started adding to my olympic pistol blog four weeks ago have brought in 256 signups in a site that has only gotten 519 unique visitors in the last 30 days. This is great.

Gotta go train now. Make sure you tune in on Monday to learn about the next challenge. Enjoy the weekend!

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Automation, marketing, Projects

This Week’s Focus: Repurposing, Outsourcing, Automation

After the launch of my email campaign to refresh my network, I ‘ve decided to continue building on my skills and focus on three of the things I want to improve:

  • Repurposing content.
  • Outsourcing some of my work.
  • Automate as much as possible.


I have produced a lot of content, be it in the form of blog posts, books, conferences, social media shares… A lot of it is evergreen content (content that is good forever, that does not go bad after a certain date). I want to repurpose some of this content to produce other formats like infographics and presentations.

This is not the first time I’ve done this. If you follow some of my social media accounts (TwitterFacebookLinkedinPinterest, YouTube…) you have seen articles reposted with different text in the post and quotes from my coworking book.

Some of this content will be given away in exchange of an email to help build my mail lists.


A lot of this content can be made more visual to appeal to different audiences, be shared more and bring in new traffic. I’m a words person, not an images person, so I’m going to outsource as much as I can.

The first platform I’m going to test is Fiverr, and the first job is going to be to make an infographic out of my post about the advantages of coworking.


There are too many tasks where I don’t add any value and that can be automated:

  1. Posting the repurposed and recurring content.
  2. Adding people to mailing lists.
  3. Sending specific content based on the form submitted.
  4. Launching drip campaigns to provide and get value
  5. Browser macros to delete contacts from CRMs…

Luckily I already have some experience with the first three, but I want to improve it by using new tools instead of hacking away with Google Forms and

Can you help with any of these? Got questions? Use the comment section below this post 🙂

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