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Results Project #1: Flop

The launch of has been a flop. The first KPI is far from being fulfilled. 18 spaces signed up but almost none of them edited their landing page. The first one that did, completely ignored the guidelines and did not even include a link to their site even after telling them about it. The only coworking space that followed the guidelines was Betacowork, my former coworking space (where I still work 1 to 3 days a week), and with a lot of help from me.

None of the help offers nor the requests for feedback where responded to.

This is a strong signal that there’s no interest in this iteration of The directory of landing pages is not relevant.

I still think there’s a lot to do to solve the main problem of coworking spaces: sales.

As my friend Ash says, love the problem not your solution.

I’m stopping work in this iteration of but will keep on trying to find solutions that can be helpful to bring more business to coworking spaces around the world.

What I’ve Learned

  • How to whitelist a URL in Facebook.
  • How to use my main GSuite account to send and receive emails with multiple URLs (like the one of this blog)
  • How to setup emails with GSuite and WordPress to use my OVH domain.
  • How to setup a WordPress multisite.
  • How to auto update WordPress plugins with one line of code.
  • Bits and pieces of WordPress. customization and use of plugins.

Next Project

The next project in the challenge will be a short one to activate some of the thousands of emails in my mailbox and segment them based on their interests. More on this in the next post.

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Coworking, Progress Report, Projects

Update on the Launch Of


Don’t miss any of my adventures as a Jedi entrepreneur

Since the public launch of last week (and of my entrepreneurship challenge) I’ve been ramping up the promotion of the service to try to get more spaces in via Facebook groups and pages, reddit, email and some advertising. My post to the coworking Google group is held for moderation.


So far 18 spaces have signed up… but only one has drafted the listing following the guidelines and with help from me: Betacowork Coworking Brussels.

I’ve sent a few messages offering one on one help and also to organize a conf call, but the users are not getting back to me. My guess is that they don’t see the value and that they just signed up because it is free.

Just in case, on top of the guidelines and the emails new users get, I’ve added items to the top menu to make it more helpful. Originally I just wanted to have one link there to help visitors focus on the landing page, but the top bar is common to all, also to the people that are adding listings.

Screenshot from 2018-10-22 15-15-59

I even left it grey, a color I hate for text, to hide it a bit. Maybe I should be more blunt.

When there are enough spaces to publish the directory I’ll have to look into a new homepage and navigation.

On the side of the one project a month challenge, 10 people have signed up to follow up on what I do.

reddit’s r/coworking

The coworking forum on reddit has very little action in general. I’m not sure that many people read it, but at least my posts are published right away.

Anyway, if you have an account I would appreciate an up vote.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have driven almost no traffic to the site, but I did get some likes on the post and I’ve invited those people to like the page.


I’ve stopped that campaign, duplicated it and relaunched it for the USA only, to see what happens.

After the email I sent this morning to seventy some people in the mailing list, tomorrow will be a big day to see if there’s any traction, but so far it does not look so good for Wednesday’s KPI.

I was hoping that this campaign would solve the issue I have with Facebook flagging my links as malicious (I’ve tried to get it fixed but can’t get far). No luck with the link but they do charge me. I guess they do not like dot space domains.

Tracking Marketing Efforts

As part of my challenge to be more structured, I’m keeping a spreadsheet with what I’ve been doing since Friday. I’m not sure I have set the right headings and content, but at least I’ve made it very easy to go back to each action.

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