New Project: Coworking Course

After two short projects in the challenge, it is time for another monthly undertaking. This time I will be preparing a coworking course that builds on and expands The Coworking Handbook. The book’s content is still 100% valid and applicable, but I can add extra knowledge from running Betacowork the years after I published the book (and from selling it!).


I’ve already spent some time looking into platforms like Udemy, Teachable and Skillshare among others. There’s also LearnWorlds, proposed by one of the readers of the book. I’ve not made up my mind about the best one to use but I know that it will not be Skillshare: they pay way too little and teachers deserve a good compensation!

Of course, being a promoter and member of coworking spaces I’ve reached out to David, who is an specialist in online education and also a member of Betacowork. I’m really looking forward to having a conversation with him.

The first think I will do is draft the core structure of the course. Then I will share it with the people that are already in the mail list of The Coworking Handbook (signup if you want to get in too). There’s a couple thousand people that are interested and interesting.

I may create first a small email course to use as a teaser and lead magnet, but I need to work on the main course content first to make sure that I add enough value and that I don’t give it all away.

One thing is clear about the content: it will have to focus on sales and on community, which seem to be the weak points of way to many coworking businesses.

What would you like to learn from my coworking course ? I’m really looking forward to your input.

PS: If you are interested in running a coworking space, check this helpful coworking resources

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