Do social media owe Kant a tribute? #categories

The Categories do not provide knowledge of individual, particular objects. Any object, however, must have Categories as its characteristics if it is to be an object of experience.

Is there such a thing as meta social media philosophy?


2 thoughts on “Do social media owe Kant a tribute? #categories

  1. Cathy_Coolen says:

    Well, the vocabulary of ‘category’ was used before by Aristotle. Now the concept itself is no more than a judgmental concept, which exists since human beings are able to think ("Our ability to judge is equivalent to our ability to think" – Kant himself). And the concept of categories as used today in Social Media (or in mails), as far as I am concerned, can certainly be applied the same critic as Kant used against Aristotle’s categories : "as he had no guiding principle, he merely picked them up as they occurred to him…". There is indeed no guiding principle behind the categories I used : everything that jumps into my mind is good enough ! Maybe a question of maturity in Socal Media : how do YOU pick your categories ? Have you a guiding principle ?


  2. Anonymous says:

    You are right, we are very free-categorizing with the use of hashstags, tags, categories and folders, but that does not mean that they do not fit the list. I do try to keep a consistent use of hashtags / categories, but then also use some #inacreativeway for punt (there is a message in it, with more or less humor, not a category itself) or to sum up an interesting and relevant part of the content. In my experience: the more the better.


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