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Brands, learn about your audience’s personality with Whit.li

This year I had the chance to catch up  with Andy Gillentine and Jack Holt, cofounders of Whit.li, to see what had happened since the Whit.li API was released. It allowed to check compatibility of two people based on the analysis of their social media profiles, and the target companies to use this service where collaborative consumption sites like AirBnB. The talks with the participants then and the follow up meetings taught them that the people who were really interested were brands, advertising and media companies. They wanted to understand more deeply who are the people engaging with their brand. The Whit.li team also learned that implementing an API is very difficult for large companies, because of their decision making process. So they decided to build a marketing application that uses social data to do market research for companies.

So they decided to change the product based on the technology they had already developed and they now segment the followers of brands based on five personality traits (Daring, Sophisticated, Wholesome, Rugged, and Reliable) and add information about each character, for example the TV shows that they like. This is where the magic of Whit.li is: you have a personality segmentation that allows you to tailor the advertising placement and content based on the personality of your target audience, not just their age, gender, education, etc.

I’m sick and tired of getting absurd advertisements about cars and sports of which I could not care less (among many others), while I may be even receptive to the ads if they are more daring and funny, not just based on old missconceptions about gender. So I look forward to this kind of innovations that focus on me to give me a better experience.

Media planners, market researches, and product developers are the people that will use Whit.li and we all will, hopefuly, be receiving better advertising based on the tool, and with it more useful information.


The tool allows them to see an evolution, not just a picture in a particular time. Compared to other tools like Radian6 , Whit.li tells you about your followers, not just what they are saying about you. You can also track the effectiveness of your campaign by seing if you’ve managed to grow the character trait of your followers.

All the analysis is based on your Twitter interactions, and it needs to have at least to have 5000 followers. After all the changes done by Facebook, they are able to do a lot less than last year, but applications will work. This platform risk is not something that they are scared of with Twitter, but it could always come.

For SXSW they have released at the brand application, where you can see the segments of followers of your brand and your competitors.

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Top Tech Belgian Twitter Influencers in Datanews.be

1) Dries Buytaert, CTO Acquia, @dries, Klout score 65, following 7, followers 12.105.
2) Vincent Van Quickenborne, Ministre d??missionnaire des Entreprises et de la Simplification, @vincentvq, Klout score 65, following 516, followers 16.813.
3) Clo Willaerts, business unit manager chez Sanoma Belgium, @bnox, Klout score 65, following 4.314, followers 8.994.
4) Bart De Waele, CEO Netlash-bSeen, @netlash, Klout score 64, following 4.588, followers 5.795.
5) Robin Wauters, blogger Tech Crunch, @robinwauters, Klout score 64, following 4.100, followers 16.353.
6) Jan Seurinck, professeur & professionnel de la communication, @janseurinck, Klout score 63, following 1.394, followers 1.962.
7) Veerle Pieters, concepteur web, @vpieters, Klout score 62, following 271, followers 171.316.
8) Xavier Damman, entrepreneur web & cofondateur Storify, @xdamman, Klout score 60, following 318, followers 2.545.
9) Maarten Balliauw, .NET technical consultant chez RealDolmen, @maartenballiauw, Klout score 60, following 240, followers 1.310.
10) Ramon Suarez, entrepreneur nouveaux m??dias, BetaGroup coworking manager, @ramonsuarez, Klout score 59,
following 468, followers 1.973.
11) Florence M., blogster et consultante en m??dias sociaux, @flexyflow, Klout score 59, following 1.123, followers 2.332.
12) Amedee Van Gasse, service engineer chez Econocom, @amedee, Klout score 59, following 845, followers 954.
13) Peter Vander Auwera, Innovation leader chez Swift, @petervan, Klout score 58, following 758, followers 924.
14) Vincent Battaglia, d??veloppeur et CTO chez WooRank, @vinch01, Klout score 57, following 434, followers 1.874.
15) Christophe Lefevre, blogger TechTrends & responsable SMO & SEO pour RTL Belgium, @ChrisLefevre, Klout score 57, following 905, followers 3.996.
16) Jimmy Cappaert, operations manager chez Prior Web, @jimmycappaert, Klout score 56, following 82, followers 578.
17) Alain Gerlache, journaliste RTBF.be mediaTIC, @AlainGerlache, Klout score 56, following 3.794, followers 5.394.
18) Peter Hinssen, ??vang??liste & consultant, @hinssen, Klout score 53, Following 54, Followers 2.623.
19) Muriel Reyserhove, marketing lead Microsoft Dynamics, @mreyserhove, Klout score 54, following 1.698, followers 1.792.
20) David Geens, informaticien, @pappie, Klout score 53, following 237, followers 387.
21) Jo Caudron, media strategist & consultant, @jcaudron, Klout score 52, following 359, followers 3.018.
22) Stef Verheijen, d??veloppeur de logiciels et blogger, @steffest, Klout score 52, following 799, followers 1.641.
23) Frank Van Massenhove, pr??sident SPF S??curit?? sociale, @fvmas, Klout score 51, following 241, followers 781.
24) Philippe Borremans, chief social media officer chez Van Marcke, @HoratioNelson, Klout score 51, following 647,
followers 1.627.
25) Frank De Graeve, pr professional, @fdgraeve, Klout score 51, following 662, followers 938.
26) Nancy Verbrugghe, r??dactrice en chef msn.be chez Microsoft, @nanske, Klout score 50, followers 528, following 620.
27) Martin Gillet, consultant SAP freelance, @mgillet, Klout score 50, followers 1.710, following 1.243.
28) Steven Lecluyse, consultant IT, @slecluyse, Klout score 49, following 485, followers 434.
29) Carmelo Zaccone, ??vang??liste en technologie ?? l’AWT, @carmelo, Klout score 48, following 588, followers 665.
30) Bruno Peeters, blogger et project manager chez Dexia, @bvlg, Klout score 47, following 681, followers 1.428.

Surprised and flattered to find my self in n?? 10 :)

If you want to easily follow their tweets, I’ve created a list with the 30 top tech Belgian Twitter influencers.

Live Streaming #LeWeb10 (Plus Social Streams)

For those that can not make it to LeWeb this year, an easy way to watch the plenary and the startup competition and to follow what is said about it in social media. You can also track the hashtags #leweb10 and #leweb. I will be watching all this live in Paris, twitting about it (follow @ramonsuarez) and hopefully also blogging right here at ramonsuarez.com. Enjoy!

The Plenary




Startup Competition ( dec 8th ) & Plenary II ( dec 9th )


Twitter in Belgium (infographic)

Bruno Peeters has crawled the Belgian twitosphere to get some insight about it. He has produced a very interesting infographic extrapolating data from over 46000 Twitter accounts located in Belgium.

The average Twitter account in Belgium follows 90 Twitter users, is followed by 87, is listed 4,5 times, and has tweeted 378 times.

Out of an estimate of 75.000 to 100.000 accounts, 32% Tweet weekly and 18% have no activity at all.

I’m looking forward to more information coming from Bruno about what is going on in this country. Thank you Bruno!

Spanish Journalists in Twitter

Aced, Cristina (freelancer) @blogocorp
Aguilera, Rafael (Radio Euskadi) @rafa_aguilera
Alday, Ainhoa (P??blico) @ainhoaalday
Alc??zar, Mikel (Radio Zaragoza) @mikelalcazar
Almeida, Manuel (freelancer) @mmeida
Alonso, Juan Francisco (ABC) @jfalonso
Alonso, Carlos (freelancer) @carlosalonso
??lvarez, Carmen (Telecinco) @Gmoro
??lvarez, David (ABC.es) @davidalvarez
??lvarez, Luis Alberto (El Mundo) @laalvarez
??ngel-M??ndez, Manuel (El Pa??s, Cinco D??as) @angelmendez
Aparicio, Sonia (El Mundo) @soniaparicio
Armada, Alfonso (ABC) @alfarmada
Armentia, Iker (Cadena Ser) @ikerarmentia
Arregoc??s, Benyi (P??blico) @benyi

Baidal, Alicia (Enredados) @baimorali
Barrera, Javier (Ideal) @juanlarzabal
Barro, Pelayo (El Confidencial Digital) @Pelayobarro
Basteiro, Daniel (P??blico) @basteiro
Batlle, Eduard (El Punt) @rispau
Beriain, David (ADN) @enpiedeguerra
Berl??n, Fernando (Radiocable) @radiocable
Bermejo, Estefan??a (Vocento) @egbermejo
Berzosa, Mill??n (La Gazeta) @mberzosa
Blanco, Sonia (freelancer) @sblanco
Borreguero, C??sar (Aval??n) @CesarBor
Bravo, Gustavo (El confidencial) @gustavobravo

Cabrera, Elena (freelancer) @elenac
Calleja, ??ngel (Madridiario) @angelcalleja
Ca??il, Ana (Soitu) @anarcanil
Capit??n, Javier (TVE) @JavierCapitan
Carmona, Ver??nica (Ideal) @veroxs
Caro, Sergio (ADN) @enpiedeguerra
Carreras, Joan Joaquim (3cat24.cat) @janquim
Carreras, Roberto (freelancer) @RobertoCarreras
Casado, Diego (Somos Centro) @esmadriz
Casado Rueda, Santiago (ABC.es) @Arduck
Casal, Javier (Cadena Ser) @Casal
Castellano, Andreu (CMT) @andreucastelano
Celma, Esther (freelance) @nonestop
C??a, Juan F. (freelancer) @jfcia
Clavell, Ferran (TV3) @fclavell
Cl??rigues, Bego??a (C??mara de Comercio de Valencia) @begocl
Clotet, Abraham (Sport) @abrahamclotet
Cobo, Silvia (freelancer) @lolacomomola
Comajoan, Josep (El 9 Nou) @jcomajoan
Cros, Rafael (freelancer) @rafacros
Cuesta, Albert (freelancer) @albertcuesta

Daze, Jos?? M. (ABC.es) @josedaze
De la Fuente, Chiqui (El Pa??s) @Chiqui
De la Fuente, Luc??a (Madridiario) @luciadelafuente
de la Fuente, Nacho (La Voz de Galicia) @nafuente
de Taillac, Mathieu B. (Radio France) @blogal
del R??o, Chus (Prisacom) @chusdrs
Delgado, Antonio (Soitu) @adelgado
Delagado, ??scar (Soma Comunicaci??n) @360gradospress
Duro, Javier (ABC.es) @javierduro

Echeverr??a, Borja (Soitu) @borjaechevarria
Escolar, Ignacio (P??blico) @iescolar
Esteban, Chiqui (La informaci??n) @chiquiesteban
Est??vez, Jaime (Agora News) @jaime_estevez

Febrer, Francesc (Menorca Media) @ffebrer
Fern??ndez, Angel (Canal Sur) @angelfdezmillan
Fern??ndez, Antonio Jos?? (freelancer) @lordjerome
Fern??ndez, Cristina (Soitu) @onewayoranother
Fern??ndez Guti??rrez, Rafael ??ngel (Pressnet) @pressnet
Fern??ndez, Marta (Yahoo!) @pepitapulgarcit
Ferreres, Rosana (Cond??Net) @rosanaferreres
Font, Mar??a (BarcelonaTV) @mariafont
Forero, Sebasti??n (Canal Sur Televisi??n) @sebastianforero

Gago, Manuel (culturagalega.org) @magago
Garc??a, Beatriz (Soitu) @BeatrixLA
Garc??a, Marcos (freelancer) @elplumilla
Garc??a, Manuel ??ngel (A-6 Radio) @ma_garcia
Garrido, H??ctor (freelancer) @hectormgarrido
Gelado, Jos?? A. (freelancer) @jagelado
G??mez Ponce, Mariela (luamultimedia) @mrgomezponce
Gonz??lez Colinas, Juan Manuel (El Publicista) @juanmagecolinas
Gonz??lez Garc??a, Christian (P??blico) @dalequetepego
Gonzalo, Maril??n (freelancer) @marilink
Gordillo, Jes??s (Cink) @gordilloegea
Guallar, Javier (El Peri??dico de Catalu??a) @jguallar
G??ell, Xavier (TendenciasTV) @guell
Guisande, Manuel (La Voz de Galicia) @manuelguisande
Guti??rrez, Miguel (Sportyou) @miguelgutierrez

Hern??ndez, Fernando (Diario de Navarra) @fmorondo
Herreros, Pablo (Goodwill Comunicaci??n) @pabloherreros

ez, Juanjo (Gabinete de Prensa, Cruz Roja Madrid) @bomarzo
Infante, Quique (La informaci??n) @quiqueinfante
Intxaurrondo, Silvia (Cuatro) @Intxaurrondo
Izagirre, Ander (destajista) @anderiza

Jane, Carmen (El Peri??dico) @carmenjane
Jara, Carmen (La Tribuna) @hermanagilda
Jim??nez, ??ngel (El Mundo) @angeljimenez
Jim??nez, Vanessa (La informaci??n) @vjimenez
Jim??nez Cano, Rosa (El Pa??s) @petezin
Juli??, Antonio J. (La informaci??n) @ajjulia

Lafuente, Gumersindo (Soitu) @sindolafuente
Lapetra, Rub??n J. (La informaci??n) @rjlapetra
Leal, Toto (freelancer) @EnjoyRudi
Lite, Antonio (freelancer) @antoniolite
Llop. Pau (Bottup) @paullop
Llorca, ??lvaro (Soitu) @alvaro_llorca
Lloret, Jacinto (Radiotelevisi??n Estepona) @jacinperez
Lobo, Ram??n (El Pa??s) @ramonlobo
L??pez Linares, Guillermo (Soitu) @Guillermolo
Lorenzo, Antonio (El Economista) @antoniolorenzo
Luj??n, Rafael (BarcelonaTV) @rafel73

Mari??o, Henrique (Publico) @weareontherocks
Marlasca, Manuel (Intervi??) @manumarlasca
Mart??n Tejeda, Carmen (Onda Madrid) @carmenmt
Mart??nez, Rafael (Euskadi Digital) @euskadigital
Mart??nez Gonz??lez, Jes??s (Viva Ja??n) @jesusmargon
Mart??nez Ron, Antonio (La Informaci??n) @aberron
Men??ndez, ??scar (freelancer) @omenendez
Meneses, Enrique (freelancer) @emenesesm
Mex??a, Fernando (EFE) @fernandomexia
Monta????s, ??rika (ABC.es) @yunesusu
Montoli??, Pedro (Madridiario) @pmontoliu
Mor??n, Adriano (La informaci??n) @jabali
Mu??oz, Albert (BarcelonaTV) @albert08950

Naranjo, Celia (Madridiario) @celiagnaranjo
Navas. Jos?? (El Mundo) @joseanavas

Ochoa, Alain (Diario M??dico) @alainochoa
Odriozola, Luc??a (El Correo) @LuciaMOdriozola
Olivares, Daniel (Ideal) @dawsonx
Olivares, Paco (Canal Sur) @pacolivares
Ortega, Jes??s (El Confidencial Digital) @Jesusortegae
Ortega, Paloma (CanalSolidario) @palomikis

Pardo, Mariv?? (Portada.info) @mai1970
Pardo, Pablo (El Mundo) @PabloPardo1
Paredes, Josefa (Yahoo! Espa??a) @josefaparedes
Pascual, Javier (La Sexta) @javierpascual
Peco, Ram??n (Soitu) @ramonpeco
Peir??, Karma (3cat24.cat) @kpeiro
Pellicer, Miquel (MundoDeportivo) @mik1977
P??rez Alonso, Virginia (20minutos) @virginiapalonso
P??rez Conde, Sergio (Intercom) @spconde
P??rez Miguel, Leandro (Gente Digital) @gentedeinternet
P??rez, Antonio (Somos Malasa??a) @lamufla
P??rez, Jes??s Javier (Enredados) @jjperez
Pi??eiro, Alfonso (El Confidencial de Albacete) @alfonsopineiro
Pi??eiro, Miguel (La Voz de Galicia) @contragolpe
Pino, Iv??n (freelancer) @ivanpinozas
Pintos, Laura (La informaci??n) @credula
Piqu??, Toni (Cases i Associats) @ampique
Portero, Pilar (Soitu) @pilarportero
Pousa, Luis (La Voz de Galicia) @luispousa
Pulido, Javier (freelancer) @javipulido
Pumarola, Francesc (La Voz de Galicia) @fpumarola

Ram??rez, Mar??a (El Mundo) @mr2157
Ramoneda, M??nica (La Vanguardia) @monicaramoneda
Regalado, Rub??n (La Sexta) @mrgifted
Ripoll Cera, Mar??a (freelancer) @idelfonsa
Roca, Juanma (freelancer) @juanmaroca
Rodr??guez, C??sar (La Voz de Galicia) @caesarvoz
Rodr??guez, Delia (Soitu) @delia2d
Rodr??guez, H??ctor (Madridiario) @hectormdo
Rodr??guez, Macarena (freelancer) @MacarenaRG
Rodr??guez, Sergio (El Mundo) @SergioRS
Romance, Jorge (Arag??n TV) @Purnas
Romero, Pablo (El Mundo) @pabloromero
Rubies, Toni (La Vanguardia) @trubies
Ru??z de Velazco, Sof??a (Soitu) @sofiarv

Sabat??, Jordi (Consumer Eroski) @jsmuns
S??enz de Ugarte, I??igo (P??blico) @Guerraeterna
S??nchez, David (Sportyou) @chanvader
S??nchez, Eduardo (Soitu) @edu_sanchez
S??nchez, Javier (Punto Radio) @javiersanchez
S??nchez, Juan Luis (freelancer) @juanlusanchez
S??nchez, Paco (La Voz de Galicia) @pacosanchez
S??nchez D??ez, Mar??a (Soitu) @mimapamundi
Sancho, Paula (El Pa??s) @paularchu
Segovia, Adri??n (Prisacom) @Asegovia
Serrano, Ana (Soitu) @Lapatata
Serrano, Pipo (Catalunya Radio
) @piposerrano
Serrano G??mez, Mario (20minutos) @tinoserrano
Solana, Anna (freelance) @sol_anna
Steen, Markus (La informaci??n) @msteen
Su??rez, Davinia (EFE) @daviniasuarez
Su??rez, Eduardo (El Mundo) @eduardosuarez

Tasc??n, Mario (Dixi Media) @mtascon
Tim??n, Javier (20minutos) @stojako
Torres, Paco (Granada Hoy) @pacotorres
Torres, Santiago (TV-3) @santiago_torres

Ucher, Lidia (EAPN Andaluc??a) @lidiaucher
Uriondo, Miguel ??ngel (Actualidad Econ??mica) @uriondo
Urqu??a Lacarra, ????igo (freelancer) @urquialacarra

Valenzuela, Am??rica (freelancer) @A_Valenzuela
Vali??o, Manuel (La informaci??n) @mvalino
Valls, Fernando (El Confidencial Digital) @Fernandohvalls
Varela, Juan (Soitu) @periodistas21
Velzaco Parra, Carolina (20 minutos) @cvelascoparra
Velilla, Javier (freelancer) @javiervelilla
Ventura, Borja (La informaci??n) @borjaventura
Verdugo, Gregorio (freelancer) @Jack_Daniels
Vila, Miguel (freelancer) @colineta
Villalba, Enrique (Madridiario) @nodoyuna

Ybarra, Pedro (Sevillaclick) @sevillaclick
Yuste, B??rbara (ABC.es) @byuste

Zubiria, Eli (Cuatro.com) @elizubiria
Zuluaga, Carlos (Blog de pelota vasca) @czuluaga

Via ecuaderno.com

You can also find this as a twitter list:@jlori/spanish-journalists and in Listorious: Spanish Journalists.

Thanks to Jos?? Luis Orihuela for making such an extensive list and to Rafael Estrella for pointing at it.

Amazing! @scobleizer without Twitter fans

This is something I thought I would never see in my life: a Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) account without any followers, in this case in Twitter.??


I’m never quick enough to have this view and be his first follower in a service to claim ??ber-early-adoption.

Bugs can be fun.??