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Come to the Presentation of the French Translation of Steve Blank’s The Four Steps to the Epiphany – Coworking Brussels – Bruxelles Coworking – Brussel BetaGroup Betacowork


The Betagroup Coworking Brussels is proud to host the worlwide premiere of the brand new translation in French of the Lean Startup and Customer Development bible: The Four Steps to the Epiphany, now also known as Les 4 ??tapes vers l’??piphanie.  

When Antoine Bruyns contacted us, we knew instantly that we had to do it. He’s an example of the kind of entrepreneurial individual that makes things happen: he contacted Steve Blank and offered to do the translation. Then, he has spent a lot of hours after his job to help with the promotion of this concepts in French. 

Don’t let the title misslead you, this book synthesizes the basic steps to bring a product to market, nothing to do with religion.

I, Ramon, have a lot of interest in everything Lean Startup  and Customer Development, and so do a lot of the entrepreneurial minds around the Betagroup. This is the perfect opportunity for the CustDev & Lean Startup communities to get together in Brussels

The presentation will be followed by the glorious drinks and chips that fit so well the Betagroup events. 
Buy the book! Achetez Les 4 ??tapes vers l’??piphanie !
PS: on the 23 we will be hosting the livecast of the 2011 Startup Lessons Learned, with Eric Ries, Steve Blank and many more.

Steve Rubel’s Conference in Brussels: Audio & Notes


I just had the chance of finding myself in a pannel about digital communication with Steve Rubel and Patrick Bosteels. The event was named “A sneak peek into the future of digital communications“, but we got much more. Gotta run to a meeting, so I leave you here my notes and the audio of the full conference and Q&A. 

Audio: Steve Rubel’s Conference in Brussels

Notes: Steve Rubel + Patrick Bosteels + Ramón Suárez


Unfortunately the slides are not public yet, but you can find out more in Steve Rubel’s blog

There was an error in the way I was presented: I am the cofounder and manager of the Betagroup Coworking Brussels, together with the founder and CEO of the Betagroup: Jean Derely.

Internet Promotes Intimacy (Stefana Broadbent)

Another great talk by Stefana Broadbent on the cultural impact of Internet use: it encourages greater intimacy and reintroduces private life in the working sphere.

Choosing the Right Channel to Request Attention

Amazing presentation by Stefana Broadbent about how and why we choose our communication channels and who do we communicate with:

  • The communication channnel choice is complex and does not depend on cost.
  • The more attention it requires, the less people we interact with regularly. The two extremes of the table are Skype video conversations (3) and Facebook/Twitter broadcasting (100+)
  • Cultural impact of availability on the choice of channel: the bussier the other person is, the less we will use a highly synchronous channel like phone or Skype.