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Top 50 Tech Twitter Influencers in Belgium

The Belgian tech journal DataNews has just published their yearly ranking of the 2014 top Twitter tech influencers in the country (here are the rankings for 2013, 2012, 2011 ). This year they have moved away from Klout to rank the influencers and have started using the ranking made by the Belgian startup Tribalytics, created by the betacoworker Mehdi El Fadil how has been recently joined by Aleyda Solis.


User Name





Clo Willaerts




Bart De Waele




Steven Van Belleghem




Robin Wauters




Jo Caudron




Mateusz Kukulka




Danny Devriendt








Sofie Verhalle




Alain Gerlache




Peter Hinssen




Joke De Nul




Ramon Suarez




fons van dyck




Jan Seurinck




Damien Van Achter




Cain Ransbottyn




André Robert Duval




Neelie Kroes




Tom Palmaerts




Koen Delvaux




J-P De Clerck




Elke De Vilder




Polle de Maagt




Bart Becks




Eric Prenen




Alan See




Miel Van Opstal




Joeri Van den Bergh




Folke Lemaitre




Kristof Nizet




Leo Exter




Nick De Mey




Matthieu Van Den Bogaert




Bert Van Wassenhove




Veerle Pieters




Tijs Vrolix




Helena Van Eykeren








Rob van Alphen




Sophie De brabander




Steven Verbruggen




Florence Manente




Kris Hoet




Frank De Graeve




Eveline Smet




Bruno Peeters




Edouard Seynaeve




Gerrit Vromant




Luc Van Braekel


I’m happy to be in the list together with other Betacowork Coworking Brussels members like @bnox, @robinwauters, @leoexter; former member @flexyflow; and guests to our events like @neeliekroeseu and @bartbecks.

Tribalytics is a tool for marketers that want to find the top twitter influencers in the different topics and segments that they tweet about. To give you an idea, this is what the report looks like for my Twitter account @ramonsuarez:

Twitter-communities-report-Tribalytics-ramonsuarez-2014-04-04 14-28-56

Tribalytics also offers a competitive insights report to see how you fare compared to your main competitors.

If you are curious about your own followers, you can request free access to Tribalytics.

European Business Angel Associations List (members of EBAN)

AUSTRIA Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) Network  www.awsg.at 
BELARUS BAVIN Network www.bavin.by
BELGIUM Be Angels Network www.beangels.be
  BAN Vlaanderen Network  www.banvlaanderen.be 
  WABAN  Associate  www.waban.be 
  IntesaSanpaolo Eurodesk S.p.r.l.  Associate www.intesasanpaoloeurodesk.com 
  IBBT Associate  www.ibbt.be 
CROATIA CRANE – Croatian Business Angels Network  Network  www.crane.ini.hr 
FINLAND Veraventure Ltd  Network  www.veraventure.fi 
  FiBAN Network  www.fiban.org 
FRANCE  FranceAngels  Federation  www.franceangels.org 
  Sophia Business Angels Network  www.sophiabusinessangels.com 
  Business Angels Nord de France  Network 


  Paris Business Angels  Network  www.parisbusinessangels.com 
  UNICer – National Ass. of the investors in regional enterprises Associate  www.unicer.asso.fr 
  Gilles Mougenot Affiliate   
  Phil Dardier Affiliate   
GERMANY BAND – Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. Federation  www.business-angels.de 
  netzwerk nordbayern  Network  www.netzwerk-nordbayern.de 
  Business Angels Agentur Ruhr Network  www.baar-ev.de 
  BANSON  Network  www.banson.net 
  Peter Jungen Holding  Associate   
GREECE Virtual Trip Group  Early Stage Fund  www.vtripgroup.com 
  Hellenic Organisation of SMEs and Handicraft Associate  www.eommex.org 
IRELAND HALO Business Network (HBN) Federation www.halobusinessnetwork.com 
  The Association of E.C. Business & Innovation Centres in Ireland Network  www.businessangels.ie 
ITALY IBAN – Italian Business Angels Network  Federation  www.iban.it 
  Italian Angels for Growth Network  www.italianangels.net 
  META Group S.r.l. Early Stage Fund www.meta-group.com 
  FILAS  Associate  www.filas.it 
  Dr. Laurenne Hemily-Figus Affiliate   
LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg Business Angels Network  Network  www.lban.lu


Angelo Dalli  Affiliate www.charonite.com 


BAN Nederland Federation  www.bannederland.nl 
  Angel Wings Ventures BV Early Stage Fund  www.angelwingsventures.com 
  Development Agency East Netherlands – OOST NV Network  www.meestersvandetoekomst.nl 
  BID Network Foundation Network  www.bidnetwork.org 
  Maxwell Group Network  www.maxwellgroup.nl 
  PYMWYMIC Network  www.pymwymic.com 
  Mind Hunter Corporate Finance & Capital Search Network  www.pymwymic.com 
NORWAY CONNECT Vest Business Angel Network Network  www.mindhunter.com 
  NORBAN Network  www.norban.no 
POLAND AMBER BAN – Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation Network  www.amberinvest.org 
  Lewiatan Business Angels Network  www.lba.pl 
  Gildia Anio??ów Biznesu Network  www.aniolybiznesu.org 
  Secus Wsparcie Biznesu Sp. z o.o.  Network  www.secus.pl 
  Polish Investment Fund Early Stage Fund  www.pif.pl 
  Academic Entrepreneurship Incubators Associate  www.inkubatory.pl 


FNABA – Federacao Nacional de Associacoes de Business Angels  Federation  www.fnaba.org 
  APBA – Associacao Portuguesa de Business Angels Federation  www.apba.pt 
  Gesventure  Network  www.gesventure.pt 
  IAPMEI – Portuguese Agency for Companies Associate  www.iapmei.pt 
RUSSIA RUSSBA – The National Union of Business Angels of Russian Federation  Federation  www.russba.ru 
  NBAA (Russia) Federation  www.rusangels.ru 
SLOVAKIA Neulogy  Network  www.neulogy.com 
SPAIN ESBAN – Red Espanola de Business Angels  Federation  www.esban.com 
  AEBAN – Associación Espanola de Business Angels Networks Federation  www.aeban.org 
  ACC1Ó Federation www.acc10.cat 
  BANC  Network  www.bancat.com 
  GOBAN – CEEIs Castilla-La Mancha/BICs  Network  www.gobanclm.com 
  UNIBAN Network  www.uniban.org 
  BAN Madri+d Network  www.madrimasd.org/emprendedores/
  IESE BAN Network  www.iese.edu/businessangels 
  INNOBAN Network  www.businessangelsinnoban.es
  ESADE BAN Network  www.esadealumni.net 
  Fundación Zaragoza Conocimiento  Network  www.fundacionzcc.org 
  MRE, S.L.  Network 
  Orkestra, Basque Institute of Competitiveness Associate www.orkestra.deusto.es 
  ALMIBAN (ALMI Stockholm BAN) Network  www.almiban.se 
  Almi Invest Early Stage Fund www.almiinvest.se 
  Tillväxtverket  Associate  www.tillvaxtverket.se 
SWITZERLAND SECA – The Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finace Association  Federation  www.seca.ch 
  Mountain Partners Early Stage Fund  www.mountain-partners.ch 
  CTI – Commission for Technology and Innovation Associate  www.kti.admin.ch 
TURKEY TBAA (Business Angels Association – Turkey) Federation  www.melekyatirimcilardernegi.org 
  METUTECH BAN  Network  www.metutech.metu.edu.tr 
  Galata Business Angels Network  www.galatabusinessangels.com 
  ??nventram A.S. Early Stage Fund  www.inventram.com 
  Angel Wings Ventures BV Early Stage Fund  www.angelwingsventures.com 
  ETOHUM  Associate www.etohum.com/ 
  TURKCELL Associate www.turkcell.com.tr
  OzU Startup Factory Associate www.girisimfabrikasi.com
  Firat Yucesoy (Caretta Freight Forwarding) Affiliate  www.carettafreight.com 
UK LINC Scotland Federation  www.lincscot.co.uk 
  BBAA – British Business Angels Association Federation  www.bbaa.org.uk 
  London Business Angels Network  www.lbangels.co.uk 
  Finance South East Limited  Network  www.financesoutheast.co.uk 
  Halo Network  www.nisp.co.uk 
  SWAIN – South West Angel & Investor Network Network  www.swain.org.uk 
  NESTA Associate  www.nesta.co.uk 
  Exemplas Associate www.exemplas.com 
  ClearlySo Associate www.clearlyso.com 
  DFJ Esprit Associate www.dfjesprit.com 
  Louis Loizou Affiliate   
  Actrea Capital Affiliate  www.actreacapital.com 
  Jim Penberthy (Penberthy Consulting)  Affiliate   
CROSS BORDER BUSINESS ANGEL NETWORKS Go Beyond Ltd Network  www.go-beyond.biz 
  Media-Deals Network  www.media-deals.org 
  Quantum Board GmbH Network  www.quantumboard.eu 
INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS INSME – International Network for SMEs Associate  


AUSTRALIA Australian Association of Angel Investors  Associate www.aaai.net.au 
CANADA NACO – National Angel Capital Organisation  Associate  www.angelinvestor.ca 
NEW ZEALAND Angel Association New Zealand  Associate  www.angelassociation.co.nz 
USA Angel Capital Association (ACA)  Associate  www.angelcapitalassociation.org 
  National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF) Associate www.nasvf.org 
  ACTE Associate www.acte.org 
  Kaushal Chokhi (Quickstart Global)  Affiliate www.quickstartglobal.com 
EUROPEAN ASSOCIATIONS EBN – European Business Incubation Centre Network  Associate   www.ebn.be 
  EFMD – European Foundation for Management Development Associate   www.efmd.org 
ANIMA – Investment Network Associate   www.anima.coop

Belgian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association Members List

Member List

via bva.be

An excellent source, to add to the investor funds list maintained by the Betagroup.

Top Tech Belgian Twitter Influencers in Datanews.be

1) Dries Buytaert, CTO Acquia, @dries, Klout score 65, following 7, followers 12.105.
2) Vincent Van Quickenborne, Ministre d??missionnaire des Entreprises et de la Simplification, @vincentvq, Klout score 65, following 516, followers 16.813.
3) Clo Willaerts, business unit manager chez Sanoma Belgium, @bnox, Klout score 65, following 4.314, followers 8.994.
4) Bart De Waele, CEO Netlash-bSeen, @netlash, Klout score 64, following 4.588, followers 5.795.
5) Robin Wauters, blogger Tech Crunch, @robinwauters, Klout score 64, following 4.100, followers 16.353.
6) Jan Seurinck, professeur & professionnel de la communication, @janseurinck, Klout score 63, following 1.394, followers 1.962.
7) Veerle Pieters, concepteur web, @vpieters, Klout score 62, following 271, followers 171.316.
8) Xavier Damman, entrepreneur web & cofondateur Storify, @xdamman, Klout score 60, following 318, followers 2.545.
9) Maarten Balliauw, .NET technical consultant chez RealDolmen, @maartenballiauw, Klout score 60, following 240, followers 1.310.
10) Ramon Suarez, entrepreneur nouveaux m??dias, BetaGroup coworking manager, @ramonsuarez, Klout score 59,
following 468, followers 1.973.
11) Florence M., blogster et consultante en m??dias sociaux, @flexyflow, Klout score 59, following 1.123, followers 2.332.
12) Amedee Van Gasse, service engineer chez Econocom, @amedee, Klout score 59, following 845, followers 954.
13) Peter Vander Auwera, Innovation leader chez Swift, @petervan, Klout score 58, following 758, followers 924.
14) Vincent Battaglia, d??veloppeur et CTO chez WooRank, @vinch01, Klout score 57, following 434, followers 1.874.
15) Christophe Lefevre, blogger TechTrends & responsable SMO & SEO pour RTL Belgium, @ChrisLefevre, Klout score 57, following 905, followers 3.996.
16) Jimmy Cappaert, operations manager chez Prior Web, @jimmycappaert, Klout score 56, following 82, followers 578.
17) Alain Gerlache, journaliste RTBF.be mediaTIC, @AlainGerlache, Klout score 56, following 3.794, followers 5.394.
18) Peter Hinssen, ??vang??liste & consultant, @hinssen, Klout score 53, Following 54, Followers 2.623.
19) Muriel Reyserhove, marketing lead Microsoft Dynamics, @mreyserhove, Klout score 54, following 1.698, followers 1.792.
20) David Geens, informaticien, @pappie, Klout score 53, following 237, followers 387.
21) Jo Caudron, media strategist & consultant, @jcaudron, Klout score 52, following 359, followers 3.018.
22) Stef Verheijen, d??veloppeur de logiciels et blogger, @steffest, Klout score 52, following 799, followers 1.641.
23) Frank Van Massenhove, pr??sident SPF S??curit?? sociale, @fvmas, Klout score 51, following 241, followers 781.
24) Philippe Borremans, chief social media officer chez Van Marcke, @HoratioNelson, Klout score 51, following 647,
followers 1.627.
25) Frank De Graeve, pr professional, @fdgraeve, Klout score 51, following 662, followers 938.
26) Nancy Verbrugghe, r??dactrice en chef msn.be chez Microsoft, @nanske, Klout score 50, followers 528, following 620.
27) Martin Gillet, consultant SAP freelance, @mgillet, Klout score 50, followers 1.710, following 1.243.
28) Steven Lecluyse, consultant IT, @slecluyse, Klout score 49, following 485, followers 434.
29) Carmelo Zaccone, ??vang??liste en technologie ?? l’AWT, @carmelo, Klout score 48, following 588, followers 665.
30) Bruno Peeters, blogger et project manager chez Dexia, @bvlg, Klout score 47, following 681, followers 1.428.

Surprised and flattered to find my self in n?? 10 :)

If you want to easily follow their tweets, I’ve created a list with the 30 top tech Belgian Twitter influencers.

Facebook in 2010 – The Top 30 Most Useful Blog Posts on Facebook

Since Facebook is where Americans spend more time than anywhere else on the Internet, our needs as social media marketers as well as professionals to stay on top of the latest trends in 2010 regarding the social media gorilla are as important as ever.  While I limited my similar top blog posts on Twitter and LinkedIn to 20, so many people had so much resourceful information to provide on FB that I felt the need to expand this blog post to include the top 30 most useful articles this year.  Because Facebook gives anyone the ability to create a mini-web site on their platform as a Page, I included many blog posts that talk about everything from how to create one, customize it, and then use it as your base for social media engagement.

You may wonder why I go through the trouble of compiling and writing these posts, but the answer is simple: Our industry is changing so fast and there are so many blog posts and tweets out there that I want to make sure to provide a guideline to my readers, and myself, of those must-read articles that will help everybody keep pace or get up-to-speed in learning about the latest thinking surrounding any given social media platform.  The end-of-the-year is the perfect time to do this.

My algorithm for determining these blog posts is the same as previous ones, and once again I have tried my best to organize them into categories for you.  Although I didn???t write as many posts about this site as I did about Twitter and LinkedIn, where appropriate I will introduce my own writings as well in case you missed them.

Personal Profile Tips and Tricks

10 Cool Facebook Status Tips and Tricks by Amy-Mae Elliott [4,225]

Jazz up your profile through a few nifty tricks.  Read about how to tag people in updates, pre-schedule posts with Later Bro, turn your status updates into a tag cloud, and more.

20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know from Hongkiat [3,302]

Some great tips here on getting more out of Facebook from outside of the social platform from creating friend collages to removing Facebook advertisements from your profile view.

How To Mass Export All Of Your Facebook Friends??? Private Email Addresses by Michael Arrington [1,466]

If you???ve ever wanted to get the contact details of your FB friends, now you can.  There are quite a few gems in the comments as well, like using those ???missing??? contacts to increase your LinkedIn network and syncing this with your Google Contacts and phone address book for a ???holistic??? address book.

How To Recreate That Facebook Profile Picture Hack by Alexia Tsotsis [1,302]

Jealous of the new ???sliced??? profile pics some people have been showing off at the top of their new professional profile?  You can have that on your profile as well through a few Photoshop steps introduced in this post.

The 3 Facebook Settings Every User Should Check Now by Sarah Perez [1,188]

If you care about privacy at all, you only need to take 5 minutes to get your profile info in order and keep it away from snooping eyes.  A classic post from ReadWriteWeb which is still relevant today and was featured in the New York Times when first published earlier this year.

I wrote a post about the increasing amount of spam you might be receiving and how to deal with it here: Understanding Those Mysterious FB Spam Messages You May Be Receiving [11]

General Marketing

25 Tips for Killer Facebook Marketing by Justin Stravarius [533]

This is a great article from Appstorm that should get you started thinking about how to use Facebook above and beyond merely launching a Page.  It???s crammed with tips from snagging a vanity URL to posting user experiences, all of which will help get your business noticed socially.

I published two posts this year that go beyond the genre of simply developing a Page and instead thinking outside of the box for marketing on this social media site:

Growing Your Business???One FB Friend at a Time [14]

Farmers Insurance Social Media Marketing Case Study: Utilizing FarmVille for FB Brand Awareness [32]

Page Design & Development

HOW TO: Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business by Matt Silverman [2,570]

Don???t let your company???s Page look like everyone else???s.  Crank up the customization a notch by adding a tab (or three) using FBML.  Mashable contributes a short but informative article on how to do so with little effort.

Designing A Facebook Fan Page: Showcases, Tutorials, Resources by Julia May [2.381]

This is probably one of the most definitive guides out there of best practices in designing visually stunning and effective Fan Pages from our friends at Smashing Magazine.  The great looking landing tabs that are showcased here are truly inspiring.

The 12 Best Ways To Customize Your Facebook Pages by Orli Yakuel [1,768]

You don???t have to hack it out on your own to get a custom Page operating. Check out this selection of web services that will help you edit to impress.

How to Build Engaging One-of-Kind Facebook Fan Pages by Orli Yakuel [1,687]

This Techcrunch article bundles up a lot of great advice on how to grab the attention of your FB fans and visitors. Unsurprisingly, it???s all about great content, but it???s the way in which you develop your Page that can foster this.

How to Customize Your Facebook Page Using Static FBML by Nick Shin [885]

Another in depth look on how to utilize Static FBML in personalizing your Page, this time coming from Social Media Examiner.  Dig into this for a little more detailed look at tips like embedding YouTube videos and creating images with clickable links for your Page.

10 Tips & Tricks For You
r Business???s Facebook Fan Page
by Michael Vreeken [787]

More tips on tricks on FBML programming on your Page to include elements such as hiding content from non-fans, inserting Flash content, and adding a ???Invite Your Friends??? box.

Creating a custom facebook fan page from Webdigi [135]

The power of Static FBML is showcased by this short tutorial for more advanced developers, showing how to do things in your Page such as create a carousel, submit a web form, and even customize a dialogue box.

7 FBML examples to rock your Facebook fan page from Webdistortion [129]

This top blog post contains even more FBML code samples to help make your Page a true marketing powerhouse, from randomizing marketing messages (great for experimenting with new ideas) to adding sharing buttons to make it more viral.

Page Applications

Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page by Mari Smith [842]

Stop the press!!!  This is the definitive post, just published two days ago, of the best Page applications that are out there.  And it was written by Mari Smith.  Enough said.

Page Analytics

Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages from Webdigi [2,923]

Google Analytics shouldn???t just be about analyzing your main website anymore.  The folks over at Webdigi were crafty enough to devise a solution that lets you use Google???s flagship web analysis tool to analyze activity on your Page on the most popular social network in the world.

How to Add Google Analytics to Your Facebook Fan Page by Mariam John [2,266]

Another tutorial of the same with a little more hand-holding and images published by Social Media Examiner but still based on Webdigi???s code.

Page Engagement

21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase by Mari Smith  [3,312]

Funnel people into your Page using all the social muscle you can muster through these tips.  Both traditional and new media techniques are listed here, so there are no excuses for saying you can???t deploy any of these techniques.

5 Fantastic Facebook Fan Page Ideas to Learn From by Matt Silverman [1,664]

Ranging from the simple to the full-on website experience, Mashable presents ideas from some of the most engaged landing pages on FB. If you???ve been stumped on what approach you should take, this should kick start your idea machine.

Altimeter Report: The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing by Jeremiah Owyang [1,355]

While not a how-to per se, this report should still be able to give you an idea on what works vis a vis engagement in the realm of Pages.  Based on excellent research from Jeremiah Owyang and the thought leaders at Altimeter Group, this report includes an analysis of 30 brands to learn from.

How to Better Engage Facebook Fan Page ???Fans??? by Mari Smith [1,245]

Getting noticed online is primarily about two things: content and conversations.  This post shares a lot of insight on how to succeed using those two things using a plethora of examples.  Another definitive post from Mari Smith.

How We Got To 40,310 Facebook Fans In 4 Days by Dennis Yu [151]

A step-by-step analytical case study of how one company grew their Fan base by over 40,000 in 4 days primarily through a clever Facebook Ad campaign.

Marketing Analysis

When Are Facebook Users Most Active? [STUDY] by Christina Warren [4,030]

Facebook is touted by some as ???now??? media ??? meaning you need to be engaging users at the same time they are on the site for it to be effective.  Check out when you should be posting to get the best results through this Mashable analysis.

The Biggest Brands on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC] by Shane Snow [2,902]

A very interesting infographic about the biggest brands on FB.  Amazingly, some of the brands you see most often on TV and on billboards aren???t in the list.  Check out how many Likes you need to be counted on top.

What ???Like??? Buttons Mean for Web Traffic [STATS] by Jolie O???Dell [2,385]

How exactly has the ubiquitous thumbs-up icon been affecting Internet traffic? Here???s a rundown of the numbers straight from the source.

World Map Of Social Networks Shows Facebook???s Ever-Increasing Dominance by Robin Wauters [2,275]

The big blue social machine is slowly toppling off other networks as shown in this series of maps from June, 2009 to December, 2010.  Will 2011 see the entire world converted into FBdom?

Facebook directs more online users than Google by Benny Evangelista [2,267]

Although this article was written back in February, it is still relevant for marketers to understand the importance that a Facebook presence has attached to it not just for engagement but also for leading potential customers to your website.

Facebook News Feed Settings: Random or Not, Biggest Secrets Revealed by Thomas E. Weber  [1,808]

Appearing in the News Feed of all of your Fans is a marketer???s dream but rarely happens in reality.  Read more about how to accomplish this by discovering FB???s biggest secrets as to how they determine what gets placed into who???s News Feed through one website???s experiment.

How Much Is a Facebook Fan Really Worth? by Mathew Ingram [1,718]

The answer? $136.38, more or less.  A controversial study that is required reading for any social media marketer.

Facebook, By The Numbers by Alexia Tsotsis [1,064]

The history of the world???s favorite social destination featured in this definitive infographic which has almost everything you???ve wanted to know about the site and more.

You may also want to check out my analysis of FB Places: Facebook Places Analysis: 3 Reasons Why FB Will Continue to Be Your Aggregator of Social Information [24].

Web Conferences Around the Globe

  • General Web Design Conferences
  • UI, UX, & IA Conferences
  • JavaScript & Ajax Conferences
  • Graphic Design Conferences
  • Mobile Web Conferences
  • Back-End Programming Conferences
  • Ruby on Rails Conferences
  • Flash & ActionScript Conferences
  • SEO & SEM Conferences
  • Marketing & Social Media Conferences
  • Technology Conferences
  • An inspiring and extensive list of web events around the world. Just added Evento Blog España and Plugg in the comments.