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Google Earth on Giant Touch Screen

One of the gadgets I liked the most at LeWeb10 was this giant touch screen with Google Earth on it. The interaction with the maps was incredibly natural and intuitive. The computer behind it was running Windows and using Internet Explorer.

Kodak to launch WiFi Video Camera?

Madlen Nicolaus, social media manager EMEA for Kodak, explains what her job is like, the advantages of the Kodak Playtouch video camera (which I used to record the interview), and refuses to say if there’s a WiFi version cooking. Sometimes the silence speaks louder than the words.

They showed a good example at their stand for other brands to follow, by lending their cameras out for the people at LeWeb to try out. The cellphone manufactures and carriers should learn from Kodak and Madlen to help others help you by using your products.

LeWeb10 Google Shopping Presentation on Vimeo

Discover Google Shopping the dedicated e-commerce search engine, partially launched in France and fully available in the USA and UK. Presentation by French googlers Marie-Astrid Michel and Lucia Le Menn.

LeWeb Startup Competition Winners

Out of the 16 startups that where selected to compete at LeWeb10, the 3 finalists have been awarded a price each:

Virality prize: Paper.Li

Technology prize: Waze

Originality prize: Super Marmite

Prize of the audience: Deways


Renault to Rent the Batteries of Its New Electric Cars

Renault is bringing an interesting business model to the market with its new electric cars: they will sell the cars and rent the batteries. Advantages for the users: no worries about lifetime of the batteries, recycling taken care of by the company. Advantage for the company: recurring revenue and stronger bond with clients.

Matthieu Tenenbaum, deputy electric car program director, presents the new electric cars (Twizy, Fluence and Dezire), and talks about the business model and partnerships with cities and corporations. 

Disclosure: Renault has paid my travel and lodging expenses. I blog about this because I find it interestin.