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Facebook International Friendship Beauty


I just love this image created by Facebook Intern Paul Butler, to visualize the international connections of profiles in Facebook. It was created with a subset of only 10 million profiles. Amazing and beautiful.

The State of Facebook at 500 Million Members (Infographic)


Facebook has just reached the impressive 500 million users mark, something to celebrate, share and like. Among their different initiatives to promote this success and to gain even more users, I’ve found this graphic by Facebakers to be very interesting, giving us a snapshot of Facebook’s state.

The USA is clearly ahead of all other countries in number of users, with the UK coming in second place with a fifth of the users. Most of the users are over 24 years old and there’s a half and half gender split, with a missing 3% that I wonder if it is made of un-sexed angels.

As a Spaniard living in Belgium there’s two things that have surprised me on the anecdote side: Spain is the 10th country with more Facebook users and Belgium is the 7th oldest country in the social Network.

Interactive Spanish Media Map


ymedia has published an interactive map of the Spanish Media landscape?? which helps understand the links between companies and publications. You can search it for a company and limit the view by sector, but I think that the best is to leave all activetade to get the full picture.

Too bad we can not get a bigger view or print it.

World Domination by Facebook


Today we take Stanford, tomorrow the World! The phrase that never existed? Interesting map to add to the penetration of Facebook in Europe.

Play with the world map of social networks to get a more detailed view.

Internet Pornography Stats


In its efforts to explain all things Internet related and to bridge the digital divide, tonight’s Caf?? Numerique is dedicated to Internet porn: a controversial business that is usually refferred to as one of the main engines of innovation and development of the Internet itself. I’am curious to see what they will bring out in their presentation, beyond the discussion about copyright and P2P issues.

Thanks to Vincent Battaglia for sharing the link to this stats.