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Thank you Jean !


Yesterday was a bitter-sweet night for all of us. On one part we had the first demo day of the Betagroup, with almost 1200 signups and over 700 attendees. The place was packed and the startups doing the demos where very busy pitching.

At the same time Leo Exter was running a Betainvest event upstairs, with 30 investors an 10 startups pitching for funds.

And then Jean dropped the bomb

Jean Derely got on an improvised stage to thank the sponsors and go through all the things that have happened in the last 4 years, and then proceeded to drop the bomb: Jean will no longer run the Betagroup.

I cannot say it was a surprise for me or the other members of the Betagroup team (we had been working on his decision for about a month), but it was still a sad moment for me.

The impact of Jean Derely and the Betagroup


Without Jean and the Betagroup I would have never become who I am in Brussels and the startup ecosystem. I don’t think I would even be the same person, nor have reached my current level of happiness. If I’ve ended up organizing so many events and opening a coworking space in Brussels it is part thanks to Jean, to his motivation and to the vibe he’s managed to transmit. He’s sparked the will to organize things and to make them happen in a lot of us; he’s promoted and helped numerous events and groups to get going, to launch and to do what they love; he’s shown the example to follow, doing what we love, working hard, making it happen.

Jean is the heart and soul of our tech startup ecosystem. He’s not the only one that has created or is running events to promote tech entrepreneurship in Belgium, but he’s had the biggest impact of all. Jean has always focused on bringing value to the startups and obsessed about making things happen, with his own money and with his work to raise funding for the Betagroup, to provide for all those free events for entrepreneurs and professionals.

I still remember when I discovered the Betagroup and before attended my first event (number 3 of 37 so far, without counting all the seminars, workshops and conferences) I contacted Juanito who was running a Hispanic social network in the USA and had moved back to Belgium. He wanted to have an American style event to shake things a little and meet other like minded people. With the help of some of his friends he started setting up a dinner to discuss it and then moved to the ULB to host a growing community. I think that back then we were 80 or so, but for the next event it was already 100 and it has kept on growing. Today there are over 5500 people in our community of tech startup lovers. Thanks to Jean we are changing the world, starting with Brussels.

Why Jean is stepping down

The Betagroup has always strived to help startups grow, and one of its successes is Woorank, Jean’s own startup. In the last two years Boris Demaria and have grown Woorank into a profitable business, without external capital and to a 13 person strong team. He’s managed to turn his own dream into a reality. Woorank is growing fast and Jean needs to concentrate on this opportunity. 

What changes for you


The Betagroup will continue on operating just like it does now. I’ve taken over most of Jean’s role running the Betagroup and will be working with two great people that have already proven their value, namely Julie Foulon and Leo Exter

Julie will continue organizing the big events of the Betagroups, our pitch slams and demo days.

Leo will continue running the Betainvest, our investor club where we try to help investors and startups meet each other and heat up the market.

I will continue running the coworking space and will be more involved in the running of the Betagroup together with the other founders of the non-profit: Olivier Belenger and Julien Meganck

Jean has made sure that his parting did not hinder the Betagroup.

What you should do

Send Jean a message, by email, Twitter, blog, sms, through the Betagroup’s contact form, by post, in person when you see him… No matter how, but tell him about the positive impact he’s had on you, your company, your community. Thank him for this 4 years of hard work and support. It is the least we can do.

Organize your own event or join the organization of an existing event. We build the ecosystem together. The more you participate the better, bigger and useful it gets. Let’s make sure that no matter who moves along with life the ecosystem keeps on growing and growing faster all the time.

Thank you Jean !

With all my heart.

Le co-working, une nouvelle vision de l???entreprise [Podcast]

Le co-working, une nouvelle vision de l???entreprise

Le Co-Working, c???est selon la d??finition de Wikip??dia, un type d???organisation qui regroupe deux notions : un espace de travail partag?? et un r??seau qui encourage l?????change et l???ouverture.

En soi, l???id??e n???est pas neuve. Dans le pass??, les artistes, les ??crivains, les intellectuels se sont souvent regroup??s par quartier. Ca ne signifie pas qu???ils travaillaient ensemble. Chacun d??veloppait son ??uvre avec sa vision, son talent, son originalit??. Mais la proximit?? et la convivialit?? facilitaient les ??changes et stimulaient la cr??ativit?? et la r??flexion prospective. Bref, et ??a semble toujours un peu paradoxal, un r??seau d???individualit??s.

Les cr??ateurs d???aujourd???hui, on les trouve aussi dans les nouvelles technologies de l???information. Ce sont souvent de jeunes adultes qui assument pleinement leur ambition et leur envie de r??ussite personnelle. Mais ils l???inscrivent dans un projet global qui se veut utile socialement autant que rentable. Et avec une grande sensibilit?? pour le d??veloppement durable. Ils sont d???ici, mais leur t??te est souvent en Californie. Leur horizon, c???est le village mondial connect??. Et s???ils n???ont pas beaucoup de moyens, ils d??bordent d???id??es. Et quand ils se plantent, ils red??marrent ensuite. Leur ma??tre-mot : innover.

D???o?? l???utilit?? de leur faciliter l???acc??s ?? des espaces de travail stimulants. Un lieu adapt?? leur permet de ne pas devoir tout le temps travailler dans des endroits peu motivants. Et m??me s???ils ne sont pas du genre ?? bosser m??caniquement de 9 ?? 17h, leur regroupement favorise le r??seautage de diff??rentes comp??tences li??es aux TIC et au web. Mais ce n???est pas qu???une juxtaposition. Un animateur prend en charge la dynamisation du lieu.

De tels espaces se sont d??velopp??s ces derni??res ann??es, notamment en R??gion Bruxelloise avec le Betagroup Co-Working Space sur le site de l???Arsenal ?? Etterbeek. Et La Wallonie se lance aussi dans cette aventure. C???est crucial pour le d??veloppement ??conomique dans des secteurs cl??. Dans le cadre du projet Creative Wallonia, le ministre Jean-Claude Marcourt vient d???annoncer le lancement d???un appel ?? projets de co-working. Un jury ind??pendant devra s??lectionner ceux qui vont b??n??ficier d???une aide de d??part. Tous les renseignements sont sur le site de l???Agence Wallonne des T??l??communications.

Au moment o?? un an apr??s les ??lections, le monde politique parait plus englu?? que jamais dans les d??bats identitaires ou socio-??conomiques h??rit??s du pass??, il n???est sans doute pas inutile de souligner que de nouvelles g??n??rations d???entrepreneurs tentent de relever les d??fis du 21e si??cle en privil??giant ?? la fois l???initiative et la collaboration.

Photos: Betagroup co-working space

10.06.11 Retrouvez #mediaTIC dans Matin Premi??re du lundi au vendredi ?? 08:30 #Matin1

Come to the Presentation of the French Translation of Steve Blank’s The Four Steps to the Epiphany – Coworking Brussels – Bruxelles Coworking – Brussel BetaGroup Betacowork


The Betagroup Coworking Brussels is proud to host the worlwide premiere of the brand new translation in French of the Lean Startup and Customer Development bible: The Four Steps to the Epiphany, now also known as Les 4 ??tapes vers l’??piphanie.  

When Antoine Bruyns contacted us, we knew instantly that we had to do it. He’s an example of the kind of entrepreneurial individual that makes things happen: he contacted Steve Blank and offered to do the translation. Then, he has spent a lot of hours after his job to help with the promotion of this concepts in French. 

Don’t let the title misslead you, this book synthesizes the basic steps to bring a product to market, nothing to do with religion.

I, Ramon, have a lot of interest in everything Lean Startup  and Customer Development, and so do a lot of the entrepreneurial minds around the Betagroup. This is the perfect opportunity for the CustDev & Lean Startup communities to get together in Brussels

The presentation will be followed by the glorious drinks and chips that fit so well the Betagroup events. 
Buy the book! Achetez Les 4 ??tapes vers l’??piphanie !
PS: on the 23 we will be hosting the livecast of the 2011 Startup Lessons Learned, with Eric Ries, Steve Blank and many more.

Startup Lessons Learned Livecast at the Betagroup Coworking: May 23

StartupLessons Learned 2011 is the sequel to last year’s inaugural event, whichbrought together nearly 400 entrepreneurs and executives interested in buildingand supporting lean startups.  The goal for this event is to givepractitioners and students of the lean startup methodology the opportunity tohear insights from leaders in embracing and deploying the core principles of thelean startup methodology. The day-long event will feature a mix of panels andtalks focused on the key challenges and issues that technical and market-facingpeople at startups need to understand in order to succeed in buildingsuccessful lean startups.

ConfirmedSpeakers Include:
Eric Ries, The Lean Startup (@ericries)
Brad Smith, President and CEO, Intuit (@IntuitInc)
Mitch Kapor (@mkapor)
Steve Blank (@sgblank)
Suneel Gupta, VP Product, Groupon (@guptathink)
Drew Houston, Co-Founder and CEO, Dropbox (@drewhouston)
Clara Shih, Founder and CEO, Hearsay Social (@clarashih)
Janice Fraser, Lean User Experience Residency (@clevergirl)
Manuel Rosso, Founder, Food on the Table (@manuelrosso)
Dave Binetti, Founder and CEO, Votizen (@dbinetti)
Pascal-Louis Perez, VP Engineering and CTO, Wealthfront (@pascallouis)
Tim McCoy, Dir, Integrated Product Development, Cooper (@seriouslynow)
Jeff Gothelf, Dir of User Experience, TheLadders.com (@jboogie)
Josh Seiden, Program Dir, LUXr NYC (@jseiden)
Zach Larson, Entrepreneur/Former CPO, SideReel (@zachlarson)

Signup and enjoy the Lean Startup and Customer Development networking.

Steve Rubel’s Conference in Brussels: Audio & Notes


I just had the chance of finding myself in a pannel about digital communication with Steve Rubel and Patrick Bosteels. The event was named “A sneak peek into the future of digital communications“, but we got much more. Gotta run to a meeting, so I leave you here my notes and the audio of the full conference and Q&A. 

Audio: Steve Rubel’s Conference in Brussels

Notes: Steve Rubel + Patrick Bosteels + Ramón Suárez


Unfortunately the slides are not public yet, but you can find out more in Steve Rubel’s blog

There was an error in the way I was presented: I am the cofounder and manager of the Betagroup Coworking Brussels, together with the founder and CEO of the Betagroup: Jean Derely.