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Custom 3D Printing & Marketplace For Your Designs : iMaterialise

At the last TEDxLeuven I was gratefully surprised: I found out about Materialise, a world leader and pioneer in industrial 3D printing, which comes out of Belgium. One more of the leading tech companies that not so many people have ever heard about, but which is responsible for the printing of most personalized ear implants in the world.

Luckily for me they had a stand at MultiMania and I got a chance to talk with them and to hold and examine some of the printed objects they had with them. I also got a chance to learn about a new service they have launched to allow everybody to print their own 3d designs just by uploading the file with the data and choosing the materials: iMaterialise.

One of the first things that caught my attention was that they were printing with metals. It is not like melt the metal, what they do is use a mixture of metal and resine that can be used for printing. Most of the users are probably going to be professional designers building prototypes and refining them before they go into production, but this is also a cheap and easy way to start printing your own creations just to enjoy your own art or to make very personalised gifts.

You can also sell your design in their platform on iMaterialise and make some money with your art. There are not a whole lot of objects in their gallery yet, and I wonder if they can leverage some positive network effects to attract both creators and buyers. But still it is a great initiative and some of the pieces showcased are truly impressive.


Tech Startups Mega Event in Brussels: Startups.be


Next April 19th there will be a mega event for tech startups and starters at the Egg in Brussels. If you have a startup or want to start one, you can not miss it. 

The event starts at 2pm and will go on until the night, with some drinks after a Betagroup Pitch Slam. My experience tells me that it will end up even later with informal dinners going on until late. 

You do not have to attend the full event, just go to the parts that interest you or can attend. It is free and you just have to sign up here

I’m one of the organizers representing the Betagroup, as part of the 19 Belgian organizations supporting Tech Entrepreneurs that have decided to combine their efforts to accelerate our startup environment even more via Startups.be – Future Business Support.

Belgian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association Members List

Member List

via bva.be

An excellent source, to add to the investor funds list maintained by the Betagroup.

Interview about the Founder Institute in Tech Brew Podcast [Audio]

Tech Brew Episode 004 ??? Ram??n Su??rez from the Founder Institute

In episode #4 of Tech Brew, we drink Chimay Bleu, one of the six Belgian Trappist beers, and Gilbert chats with Ram??n Su??rez about the Founder Institute.

The Founder Institute is an intensive 4 month program designed to help someone with a business idea turn it into a reality. The goal is to provide a ???network of startups and mentors that helps entrepreneurs launch meaningful and enduring technology companies.??? This is not just a series of workshops, but is a hands-on, practical course which expects each participant to build their company. As Ramon says, it is a ???reality check??? for a lot of would-be entrepreneurs.

Helping the participants along the way are experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders, brought in from all over the world to share their knowledge and provide guidance. Participants themselves are motivated to help each other through the program???s ???Bonus Pool???. In order to join the Founder Institute, each participant must give up a small percentage of their business which goes into this pool. As each new company succeeds, everyone gets a share of the success.

There are a lot of smart people with good ideas in Belgium, but turning an idea into a business is not a skill you learn in public school. Take some time, listen to our interview with Ramon, and then check out the Founder Institute. If you sign up before September 11th, the test fee (???40) will be waived.


Always a pleasure :)

Top Tech Belgian Twitter Influencers in Datanews.be

1) Dries Buytaert, CTO Acquia, @dries, Klout score 65, following 7, followers 12.105.
2) Vincent Van Quickenborne, Ministre d??missionnaire des Entreprises et de la Simplification, @vincentvq, Klout score 65, following 516, followers 16.813.
3) Clo Willaerts, business unit manager chez Sanoma Belgium, @bnox, Klout score 65, following 4.314, followers 8.994.
4) Bart De Waele, CEO Netlash-bSeen, @netlash, Klout score 64, following 4.588, followers 5.795.
5) Robin Wauters, blogger Tech Crunch, @robinwauters, Klout score 64, following 4.100, followers 16.353.
6) Jan Seurinck, professeur & professionnel de la communication, @janseurinck, Klout score 63, following 1.394, followers 1.962.
7) Veerle Pieters, concepteur web, @vpieters, Klout score 62, following 271, followers 171.316.
8) Xavier Damman, entrepreneur web & cofondateur Storify, @xdamman, Klout score 60, following 318, followers 2.545.
9) Maarten Balliauw, .NET technical consultant chez RealDolmen, @maartenballiauw, Klout score 60, following 240, followers 1.310.
10) Ramon Suarez, entrepreneur nouveaux m??dias, BetaGroup coworking manager, @ramonsuarez, Klout score 59,
following 468, followers 1.973.
11) Florence M., blogster et consultante en m??dias sociaux, @flexyflow, Klout score 59, following 1.123, followers 2.332.
12) Amedee Van Gasse, service engineer chez Econocom, @amedee, Klout score 59, following 845, followers 954.
13) Peter Vander Auwera, Innovation leader chez Swift, @petervan, Klout score 58, following 758, followers 924.
14) Vincent Battaglia, d??veloppeur et CTO chez WooRank, @vinch01, Klout score 57, following 434, followers 1.874.
15) Christophe Lefevre, blogger TechTrends & responsable SMO & SEO pour RTL Belgium, @ChrisLefevre, Klout score 57, following 905, followers 3.996.
16) Jimmy Cappaert, operations manager chez Prior Web, @jimmycappaert, Klout score 56, following 82, followers 578.
17) Alain Gerlache, journaliste RTBF.be mediaTIC, @AlainGerlache, Klout score 56, following 3.794, followers 5.394.
18) Peter Hinssen, ??vang??liste & consultant, @hinssen, Klout score 53, Following 54, Followers 2.623.
19) Muriel Reyserhove, marketing lead Microsoft Dynamics, @mreyserhove, Klout score 54, following 1.698, followers 1.792.
20) David Geens, informaticien, @pappie, Klout score 53, following 237, followers 387.
21) Jo Caudron, media strategist & consultant, @jcaudron, Klout score 52, following 359, followers 3.018.
22) Stef Verheijen, d??veloppeur de logiciels et blogger, @steffest, Klout score 52, following 799, followers 1.641.
23) Frank Van Massenhove, pr??sident SPF S??curit?? sociale, @fvmas, Klout score 51, following 241, followers 781.
24) Philippe Borremans, chief social media officer chez Van Marcke, @HoratioNelson, Klout score 51, following 647,
followers 1.627.
25) Frank De Graeve, pr professional, @fdgraeve, Klout score 51, following 662, followers 938.
26) Nancy Verbrugghe, r??dactrice en chef msn.be chez Microsoft, @nanske, Klout score 50, followers 528, following 620.
27) Martin Gillet, consultant SAP freelance, @mgillet, Klout score 50, followers 1.710, following 1.243.
28) Steven Lecluyse, consultant IT, @slecluyse, Klout score 49, following 485, followers 434.
29) Carmelo Zaccone, ??vang??liste en technologie ?? l’AWT, @carmelo, Klout score 48, following 588, followers 665.
30) Bruno Peeters, blogger et project manager chez Dexia, @bvlg, Klout score 47, following 681, followers 1.428.

Surprised and flattered to find my self in n?? 10 :)

If you want to easily follow their tweets, I’ve created a list with the 30 top tech Belgian Twitter influencers.